Winter Green Couch

Winter Green Couch is a semi dwarf improved selection of a warm season grass, which has fine stolens and leaves and a denser profile than Greenlees Park Couch, giving it a better wear tolerance. It also has a dark green leaf with an aqua appearance however, it has a tendency to thatch.

Winter green couch will adapt to many regions of Australia and semi-arid conditions quite well. Recommended usage Winter Green Couch is a fine leafed lawn with a medium growth rate.

It is fairly tolerant to low mowing and suitable for Bowling Greens, recreational and residential lawns.

Sun & Shade Tolerance

Winter Green Couch thrives in full sun as its a fine leaf lawn and has a low shade tolerance.


It is a drought tolerant, hard wearing lawn that forms a dense matt. It requires moderate fertilising, watering and mowing to maintain good appearance and durability.


Time: 5-7 Days
Height: 20-40mm
Should ideally be mown at one height, regular mowing will achieve a lower and denser matt like bowling greens. When mowing never cut more than one third of the leaf.

(Please refer to this information purely as a guide as every situation is unique).