Santa Ana Couch has a fine leaf and is a warm season lawn which has a higher profile, an attractive leaf and more leaves per stolen, giving it slightly more wear tolerance. It has a light medium green colour. It has similar winter colour retention to other couch varieties, however it becomes green quickly in spring.

Recommended usage

Santa ana Couch is a fine leaf lawn with a medium growth rate, however its dense pruftle is comparatively tolerant to low mowing. Its fine dense leaf blades give it an exceptionally high wear tolerance.

Santa ana Couch is suitable for sports fields, residential and recreational areas.

Sun & Shade Tolerance

Modest shade tolerance, it prefers full sun. If grown in full sun, the lawn will thrive and tolerate wear.


Santa ana Couch is drought tolerant and hardy and given moderate fertilising, watering and mowing will help maintain an attractive and durable lawn.


Time: 5-7 Days
Height: 20-40mm
Should ideally be mown at one height, regular mowing will achieve a lower and denser matt like bowling greens. When mowing never cut more than one third of the leaf.

(Please refer to this information purely as a guide as every situation is unique).